6 Common Issues Found in a Home Inspection

6 Common Issues Found in a Home Inspection

Whether you’re planning to buy or sell a home soon, you will likely be involved in a home inspection. There are several common issues that come up during the typical inspection, from faulty wiring to roof issues. Let’s go over those issues here.

1.    Faulty Wiring

Problematic electric systems will raise red flags every time, from open junction boxes and amperage mismatches to missing wire nuts and extension cords that run amok. Faulty electrical wiring is the top cause of home fires, especially in older homes that don’t have enough power supplies and electrical outlets but plenty of extension cords. Exposed electrical wires and old knob-and-tube wiring both top the list of problems encountered during an inspection.

2.    Water Damage

Water damage is one of the more damaging and costly problems a homeowner can experience. Moisture leads to dry rot, structural damage, pest infestation and the growth of toxic mold. Home inspectors will be on the lookout for water stains on the ceilings, walls or windows, or water that has accumulated near the foundation. They’ll also look for dampness in the basement as well as water stains, mold, and mildew.

3.    Poor Drainage

Water damage can be caused by poor drainage and incorrect grading in the yard. Inspectors will look for spongy ground near the foundation as well as basement leaks. Water that gets into the home via a poorly graded yard will result in wet basements and crawlspaces, foundation shifting, and foundation cracking – not to mention wall rot and the growth of mold.

4.    Gutter Issues

Clogged, broken, missing or bent gutters can pose a problem, as water is not allowed to flow freely and get properly channeled away from the house. Water will then accumulate at the foundation, leaking into the basement and causing structural problems, mold growth and more.

5.    Roof Problems

Roof problems aren’t always visible when you’re touring a house, but they can be some of the most troublesome and costly issues that can arise. Common roof issues revealed during home inspections include:

  • Worn and aging roofs
  • Brittle or curled shingles
  • Missing or broken flashings
  • Signs of improper installation

6.    Foundation Flaws

Foundation problems can manifest themselves into sloping floors, sticking windows and doors, or doors that swing in one direction when left open. Foundation repair is a big expense, so depending on the extent of the damage and what the root cause is, those underlying issues could lead to worsening foundation problems with time.

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