Cost vs. Value on Home Improvements

Cost vs. Value on Home Improvements

Not all home improvements deliver the same value to homeowners. Some offer a better ROI than others. If you’re looking to sell your Houston home soon but want to make some improvements first, here are some of the best to consider.

In the Houston area, some of the best home improvements you can make with the highest cost recouped include manufactured stone veneer, minor kitchen remodels, garage door replacement, vinyl siding replacement, asphalt shingle roof replacement, and entry door replacement. Check out the comparison list from Remodeling below:

On the other hand, some of the home improvements with the lowest recouped cost include master suite additions, wood deck addition, grand entrance, major kitchen remodel, wood window replacement, metal roofing replacement and upscale bath remodel. It seems like mid-range improvements are best, as they don’t cost a fortune up front but they add value to your space.

Plus, you really have to scale your projects to the neighborhood you’re living in. Don’t expect to get a good ROI on an upscale master suite addition while living in a low to moderate neighborhood.

In general, smaller home renovation projects with a bigger impact on aesthetic appeal will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Consider less expensive yet highly visible projects, such as a new garage door, minor kitchen remodel, and siding project. Home buyers are looking for functional and beautiful, but not necessarily over the top. They want a functional kitchen with a good flow and layout, for example, but don’t always want or need all the bells and whistles.

As a home owner, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a major kitchen revamp or master suite addition may make your family happy, but it doesn’t necessarily give you a bigger payday if you decide to sell. Those types of major projects certainly look good, enhance comfort and increase functionality, but you’d be lucky to get just more than half of your money back.

That’s because all the decision-making that goes into a home improvement like that is subjective to the homeowner. They may choose embellishments or accents that don’t appeal to Joe Homebuyer.

Most Popular Home Improvements in Houston

Let’s take a look at the most popular home improvements that bring the best rewards.


A minor kitchen remodel will bring you a 77 percent return. The key is to keep it simple. A major kitchen upgrade only has an ROI of 55 percent.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

With a whopping recouped cost of 111 percent, installing a manufactured stone veneer on your home can bring you big bucks. This type of project improves the curb appeal of your home, greatly enhancing the first impression people have of your property.

Vinyl Siding Replacement

You could get back 83.6% of your cost when you upgrade to vinyl siding. Fiber cement will bring you a bit less, at 79 percent.

Garage Door Replacement

This will bring you an ROI of 77 percent in the Houston area. A new garage door increases your energy efficiency, safety and curb appeal all in one.

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