Decorating For a Holiday Season Open House

Decorating For a Holiday Season Open House

Selling a home during the holiday season can have its challenges, but it also has one big perk: festive decorations. From twinkling lights on bushes to a colorful tree in the window, take advantage of all the festive joy this season has to offer by decorating for a holiday open house this December.

Your sellers’ agent can let you in on a few secrets as well so that you can capture the awe of potential buyers as Christmas and New Years approach.

How to Make Your Holiday Showings Joyful and Bright


It’s all about perception. Even the plainest of houses can stand out with the right decorations for the season. Here’s how to boost the festive nature of your home as your real estate agent hosts open houses and showings.

  • Adorn your mantle, railings and dining room table with winter greenery: Why not bring winter indoors with evergreen garland, pine cones and even dried orange slices for a wintry aroma.
  • Place holiday knick knacks on open shelves: Create a fun holiday atmosphere with little Santas, reindeer and snowmen. Just don’t go overboard! Keep it simple and tasteful, and stick to a theme.
  • Offer a hot chocolate bar: To wow your open house visitors, offer a hot chocolate bar complete with marshmallows and candy canes. Place the tray on a counter or kitchen island, with mason jars for candy canes, marshmallows, toffee bits, sprinkles, and other ingredients.

●      Play soft holiday music: Sensory marketing is important when selling a home. Softly stream holiday music through the home’s speakers.

  • Heat up a simmer pot: Scents such as cinnamon, cloves, and fresh pine can evoke memories of holidays for your guests. Candles are OK, but why not go for the real thing? Try a simple recipe of fresh cranberries, tangerines, cinnamon sticks, anise, cloves, ginger, vanilla, apple cider and fresh pine.
  • Adorn the front door: Place a simple wreath on the front door and add some pine boughs to your porch railings.

●      Add exterior lights: While most open houses are held during daylight hours, you will have the occasional private showing at night. Tastefully decorate your exteriors with white twinkle lights on your bushes and along your walkways. Keep decorations to a minimum and keep them classy. You don’t want a cluttered lawn of plastic snowmen or inflatable Santas, which can have the opposite effect of what you’re going for.

  • Hang seasonal open house door hangers: Invite neighbors to tour your house by adding festive door hangers to their front doors.

As you can see, there are so many ways to decorate for your seasonal open house!

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