Digital House Hunting Tips

Digital House Hunting Tips

Looking to buy a home? If you’re on the hunt for a new house, whether it’s your first time or fifth, there’s a new way of finding the abode of your dreams. And in many cases, you don’t even have to step foot inside the structure. Housing apps are indeed changing the way people look for houses, and with COVID-19 restrictions, these online platforms are making it easier than ever to search for homes – safely — within a virtual environment.

You can learn lots about the properties you’re interested in by scheduling virtual showings or taking a 360-degree tour. So, if you’re still uncomfortable attending open houses or showings, or the seller of the home you have your eye on wants to minimize in-person contact, you still have lots of options. Here are some digital house hunting tips to consider.

1.    Find a Real Estate Agent Online

Browse the agents listed on the Berkshire Hathaway Premier Properties site to find an agent near you. You can even sign up for Premier Alerts to receive updates when new homes in your desired area and price range are added.

2.    Use Apps

Browse for homes and even close a deal when you use house hunting apps like these.

3.     Check Online Listings

Your agent can send you links to listings each day for you to check out. Take your time and browse each one, but be leery of what those listings could be hiding. This is a risk with virtual tours because photos and videos can mask a lot of imperfections. Make sure the listings and corresponding photos match up. Your real estate agent will know exactly which listings are worth your time and which ones look too good to be true.

As you peruse photos online, heed these tips on listings that may not be revealing the true details of the house:

  • Are there more photos of the exterior than the interior? It may be a fixer upper on the inside.
  • Are the curtains and blinds drawn? Could be a poor view that someone’s trying to hide.
  • Do the bathrooms focus primarily on the sink? They could be very small rooms.
  • Do the photos look stretched out? This could be an attempt to make the rooms look larger than they really are.
  • How do the listing terms read? “Cozy” is code for small and “fixer-upper” is code for “you’ll be invested in this home for a very long time doing work and making repairs!”.

4.     Check Out Virtual Tours

Many listings feature video tours, so take advantage of them. If you can’t view the property in person, ask your agent to walk you through the home on FaceTime, zooming in on details, such as finishes and crown molding. Get a floor plan so you will know how high the ceilings are or how big the rooms are square footage wise.

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