Home Buyer’s Wish List

Home Buyer’s Wish List

From dream kitchens and plenty of storage to extra rooms and dedicated laundry space, every home buyer has “the list” – things they really, really want to see in any new home they purchase. As a real estate company in business for many years, we have seen a lot of wish lists, and here are the most common among buyers. Sellers should pay attention!

Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is a prized communal place where the family can gather for socializing and eating. The best investment you can make as a seller is to update your kitchen. Most buyers don’t want to have to spend the money on a new kitchen. They want to walk into a beautiful modern kitchen that’s ready to go. When they see a kitchen that needs too much work, they may move on to the next house.

Updated Bathroom

Buyers are concerned with the number and age of the bathrooms when looking at a home. The cost of updating a bathroom tends to be the second most costly, after the kitchen. In particular, they want to see a master bath that resembles a modern spa retreat, with double vanities, hot tub and heated towel racks. If you can’t do all that, there are some cosmetic touches you can make to appeal to home buyers, such as a fresh coat of paint in a serene color or updating the lighting and fixtures.

More Bedrooms

If you only have three bedrooms in a neighborhood where comparable homes boast four or five, this is a big flaw that buyers will be sure to notice. The original homeowners probably designed the home according to their wants and needs, with no thought of the resale value. You’ll have to lower your asking price or consider putting on an addition if you want full price. Today’s home buyers are looking for actual bedrooms, not repurposed rooms that they will have to convert back to bedrooms at their own expense. To that end, they don’t really want craft rooms or gyms.

Dedicated Laundry Space

Used to be, laundry rooms were placed in out of the way areas like the basement. But in modern homes, those spaces have been brought up to the main living area for convenience.  Home buyers want accessible, dedicated laundry spaces, not just a corner of an existing bathroom. They want cabinets and counter space to manage clothing and cleaning products, with storage to control clutter.


People want more space to put their stuff. Period. If you don’t have a ton of storage, don’t worry. Just try to make the most of what you already have. Declutter closets to make it look like there is more space. Maximize small bedrooms by minimizing furniture, using furniture that is scaled properly for the space.

Whether you’re a seller who wants an inside look at what buyers want, or you’re a buyer with a wish list of your own, we can help.

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