Tips for Packing and Moving

Tips for Packing and Moving

When you’re selling your home, packing and moving is an inevitable part of the process – the least favorite part of any relocation. Not sure who to hire for help? Your real estate agent can refer you to reputable moving companies in the area. Meanwhile, start packing with these tips.

1.  Make a Plan

As soon as you are aware of the move date, start planning. Determine where you will obtain boxes and how you will handle the packing (room by room vs. all clothing first?). Sketch out a timeline of events, inventories and checklists. How will you move heavy, awkward items, such as antiques and pianos? Block out time by day, or even by hour if you need to.

2.  Pack with a System

Now it’s time to tackle your packing in a systematic way. Perhaps you will begin with the messiest room first, or maybe you will start with the vacant ones, such as guest or spare rooms. It goes without saying that you don’t want to start with a main room like the bathroom or kitchen, as you will need those items till the minute you move. It’s wise to start with garages, attics and basements.

3.  Checklists and Rewards

Be sure to stick to any checklists you make, marking off each item as you pack it. Don’t get lazy and put off checking items till you’ve done a big chunk. You’re bound to miss something. When you check off each item as you go, you can celebrate mini achievements and goals. Reward yourself after each goal. Packed up all the China? Stretch your muscles with a quick walk around the block and a power bar. Packed up the kids’ playroom in a snap? Go pour yourself a coffee and treat yourself to a muffin. With each little breather you take, you prepare yourself for the next chore.

4.  Purge as You Go

If you want to pack less stuff and make things easier on yourself, throw out all the stuff you don’t need anymore, as you come upon it. The less stuff that has to make the trip, the less money you will spend on movers. Make a pile for trash and a pile for donations. Haven’t worn that dress in 12 months? Let it go. Hold a yard sale or sell stuff online and make some money.

5.  Pack Logically

Follow a methodical strategy when packing. You may want to set up a packing station, like an unused table, within each room where you’re working. Keep all the supplies you need at your fingertips, tossing away accumulated trash as you make your way.

6.  Pack Safely

While you want to be fast, you don’t want to compromise on safety. Rather than trying to save money on packing materials, pick up more than you will need so you can safely and efficiently wrap grandma’s collectibles or your dad’s old trophies. Double tape the bottoms of all boxes and wrap everything in bubble wrap. Don’t pack more than 20 pounds in each box, and tape the lids securely.

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