What to Look For in a Home Office

What to Look For in a Home Office

If you’re embarking on the home buying journey there are probably some “must-haves” in the homes you explore. If you work from home, either full time or on a flexible schedule, a home office should be near the top of that list. So what should you look for when touring homes with offices? Here are some tips.

An Efficient Layout

First, the actual room itself has to be conducive to productivity. A small room that’s cramped and seems more like a closet than an office probably won’t work for you. You’ll need enough space to fit all your furniture, from a table and desk to filing cabinets and electronics. The design of the room should be able to accommodate your daily work flow, too.


Being productive at work means you need plenty of natural light for a mood and energy booster. Working in a dimly lit room with no windows can hamper productivity and inspiration. Look for a home office with at least two large windows that encourage natural light to flow through the room. Look for varied lighting sources, such as overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. You don’t want to have to deal with headaches and eye strain after squinting in dim lighting while you work.

Sufficient Wiring and Outlets

Working from home requires access to all the wiring and routers you need for your broadband connection. You will need Internet and phone connections, as well as plenty of strategically-placed outlets for your printer, scanner, shredder, chargers, etc.


As you know, working from home requires a lot of storage capabilities. You need somewhere to efficiently store your documents, equipment, receipts, supplies and more. Look for rooms that already have built-in shelving, too. Of course, you can always add shelving for your books and other resources, but it’s easier if those elements are already in place.


Where the home office is located within the house is also important. An office located right next to a game room, living room, play room or kitchen can be distracting, loud and not conducive to privacy. You will need peace and quiet to concentrate on tasks, as well as the privacy to make phone calls and have meetings with clients. A home office placed in a remote portion of the house is best, away from the demands of everyday life.

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